“We will sell our albums and new artists for $ 1 million in ETH”, – Potap

NFT technologies will forever change the world of music by removing middlemen from it. This opinion is shared by the well-known throughout the CIS and beyond. performer, producer, songwriter, public figure and blockchain fan Potap

You are the first Ukrainian performer, producer and songwriter to release your own NFT. How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating it and were there any difficulties in issuing the token?

NS.: For two years now I have been working on blockchain projects in the IT field. Binance invited me to participate in the Top 100 Creators project and release my NFT for one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces, the Binance NFT Marketplace. So the idea came to make NFT not celebrity, but from celebrity. We released NFT in partnership with ILogos and Max Slobodyanyuk. In our version, NFT was supposed to be applied and benefit primarily the environment and the planet. Everyone who buys our NFT will contribute to the restoration of flora and fauna around the world. We also came up with a measure of a person’s popularity in a playful way – how much he did for nature by buying NFT. In fact, we connected several worlds: music, game and blockchain, and tried to make a kind of triple hybrid of NFT.

Do you plan to continue digitalizing music using NFT and blockchain technology, or was it a one-off experiment?

NS.: NFT is the great game changer for all creators in the world. The main thing he does is remove the intermediaries between the creator and the consumer. NFT will change the music world a lot. In support of our initiative with NFT, I immediately recorded the song “Token, Token, NFT” and launched it as a challenge.

My Impact Power Initiative. Source: Instagram

Many Western and CIS stars are already selling their albums for cryptocurrencies. What do you think about it? Are you planning to sell tracks for cryptocurrency?

NS.: Yes, we do. We will sell our albums and albums of new artists for $ 1 million in ETH. Once everything is ready for sale, you will definitely know about it.

You are a renowned producer with a large number of projects and vast marketing experience. From a marketing point of view, what potential do you see in using NFT? Are you planning to make this a standard tool for promoting bands?

NS.: NFT will change the face of contemporary music. I think Spotify, Google.Play and other similar platforms are worth considering seriously. Until NFT and all other blockchain technologies have demolished them as intermediaries for the provision of music services, they urgently need to move towards the tokenization of music. I think in five years NFT tools will be pretty standard for producing audio or visual content.

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You recently launched a trash sorting challenge in exchange for NFT cards. It’s great that you support environmental initiatives. Does it bother you that a large amount of electricity is required to create an NFT, which negatively affects the environment?

NS.: The creation of an NFT does not require a huge amount of electricity. This is the same consumed electricity that is used to create any content. It is far more harmful to produce paper and print dollars than it is to create NFTs. When we talk about NFT, we need to remember that this system closes the pain points of the production of the product.

Are you planning to sell tickets for Nastya Kamenskikh’s concerts or your own for cryptocurrency?

NS.: I’m going to completely switch to cryptocurrencies. I believe that this is the currency of the future and the present of our children. I am sure that very soon milk and exercise equipment will be sold for cryptocurrency.

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How do you generally feel about cryptocurrencies and have you had any experience of investing in them?

NS.: I have experience investing in cryptocurrencies and it is amazingly enjoyable. It’s cool, modern and very technological.

Do you think that NFTs will become an integral part of the world of show business or will the hype on them soon take place?

NS.: The hype won’t work. Everyone said that the bitcoin hype would pass, but it did not work. Now new values ​​are emerging in the new financial system, such as digital art. As for NFT, now it is a hype, but in ten years the token will become natural and familiar to everyone.

When will you write a song about blockchain and cryptocurrency?

NS.: I’m already in the process. You will soon find out.

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