Unidentified people release MuskCoin in honor of Elon Musk

A group of unknown enthusiasts presented the MuskCoin cryptocurrency, inspired, according to the developers themselves, by Elon Musk

Unknown persons introduced MuskCoin (MUSK) – a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. According to the description on the developers’ website, they were inspired to create the cryptocurrency by “the subtlety and beauty of Elon Musk’s engineering mind.”

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From the description of the smart contract on Ethereum, it follows that the maximum MUSK turnover based on the ERC-20 standard will be 1 billion coins.

Source: etherscan.io

The number of coin holders does not exceed six addresses. At the same time, the number of BEP-20-based coins will not exceed 1.5 million MUSK.

Source: bscscan.com

Here the number of holders is much higher and amounts to 173 addresses. Such a large gap is due to the fact that the project developers announced a free distribution of MUSK tokens. According to the requirements, anyone wishing to receive 1000 MUSK coins of the BEP-20 standard must meet the following requirements:

  • have at least 500 real Twitter followers;
  • subscribe to the project’s Telegram channel;
  • subscribe to the Redit project.

Similarly, the requirements for Reddit users are put forward, where the number of real subscribers must be at least 200.

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However, not everyone approved of this method of distributing coins. As the user under the nickname @airhappy wrote, such exaggerated requirements are needed not to filter out bots, but to increase the audience.

“It’s clear that you need an audience, but these are weird requirements,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the price of 1 MUSK is 0.0025 USDT. With a distribution of 1000 MUSK, users receive ~ $ 2.55.

Source: pancakeswap.finance

The project developers have already announced that they intend to create their own decentralized exchange in the near future – MuskExchange. However, it remains unknown when the DEX will launch approximately.

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Karice Dabule

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