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Tricolor (NJSC National Satellite Company) has switched to a new billing solution based on SAP BRIM (formerly SAP Hybris Billing). The project was implemented by a team of Tricolor experts, SAP Services CIS specialists and iFlex partner company. The migration of the 12 million customer base took place in stages. The implementation of the new solution resulted in a significant increase in the speed of setting up new tariffs and services for clients.

The project developed in two directions: launching and configuring the SAP BRIM system and preparing for a one-time migration of the customer base. In preparation for the migration, a test bench was assembled, similar in performance to a real system, on which all processes were thoroughly tested throughout the year, speed and performance were measured. Then the client base was migrated.

The SAP press service told the ComNews correspondent in more detail about the development of the project: “The specialists created an intermediate migration layer, into which information from the existing system was loaded. In the process of preparation, the mechanisms for unloading information were worked out, the performance and stability of the system were tested. Before the start of industrial migration, we had a final rehearsal – we measured the speed of the processes and made sure that the data was safe. The migration itself, for which we had been preparing for about two years, took two days. ” The company did not disclose the costs of the transition.

SAP said that many telecom operators use different SAP solutions – Rostelecom, MegaFon, but there are no satellite ones, except for Tricolor. Neither Tricolor itself nor other Russian satellite TV operators (Orion Express, NTV-Plus, MTS) responded to ComNews’ inquiry.

A representative of the SAP press service listed the key results after the transition to the new billing system: “Increasing the speed of setting up new tariffs and offers for customers. If previously the process took weeks, now it takes one or two days. New services, including access to TV through Internet and video surveillance have been organically integrated into the new billing system. The stability and performance of the system has increased, and the preparation of financial statements has been simplified. “

Andrei Sharak, SAP CIS Consulting and Support Director, noted: “For the Russian industry, the transition of Tricolor to a new billing system has become unique: there were no projects with similar functionality and volume on the market, if we talk about global experience, then SAP BRIM is used by the largest telecoms. operators such as TELUS The solution required a full digital transformation of the IT landscape and was launched as a big bang for the entire subscriber base and became an excellent example of how the company is changing business models in the industry in the face of fierce competition. Tricolor has received a reliable platform on the basis of which it can quickly bring new products or services to the market, develop additional directions, and improve the quality of service for customers. “

SAP BRIM includes three main subsystems. Product catalog – all tariffs and offers are entered here, they are accumulated centrally in a single system. Tarifier is a high-performance subsystem that processes tariff data at high speed. And also a subsystem based on SAP ERP – for reporting and integration with accounting systems – which has significantly increased the transparency of financial transactions.


Karice Dabule

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