Tele2 has offered a smart device for paying for parking

Tele2, together with the Mobile Solutions company, launched a unique Smart Parking gadget – a smart assistant for paying for parking lots. Thanks to it, the car enthusiast does not need to do anything manually: no need to enter a parking number, start or end a parking session – the device does everything automatically.

Moscow residents have the opportunity to pay for city parking using the Smart Parking gadget from Tele2 and the Mobile Solutions company. The device is based on mathematical algorithms. When the driver stops in the parking zone, Smart Parking will independently determine the tariff and pay for the parking, and when the car owner decides to leave, it will stop the parking session. All actions of the device are automated, the car enthusiast does not need to do anything manually. A smart gadget will pay for parking, return funds for unused parking minutes to the account, and inform the driver via SMS about all actions. Tele2 does not limit the circle of customers – subscribers of any operators can use the gadget.

Tele2 is confident that Smart Parking has great potential in the market. The company conducted a study that showed that 58% of motorists in Moscow regularly use paid car parks. To pay for parking, 70% of drivers use the Moscow Parking mobile application, 19% use parking meters, 16% pay for parking in SMS, less often customers use the Moscow Parking website, bank applications and QIWI terminals. According to research Tele2 technology-based big data, 37% of car enthusiasts regularly forget to complete their parking session in the app or by sending an SMS on time. At the same time, they overpay for unused parking minutes. With the help of a new smart device, the client will be able to save: return funds for unspent minutes, avoid a fine for violation of parking rules, evacuation costs and storage of a car in a parking lot.

To order “Smart Parking”, the car enthusiast needs to leave a request on the website, the courier will deliver the gadget free of charge within the Moscow Ring Road.

To register and configure the device, just go to Personal Area on the website, indicate the state registration number of the car and the SIM card that comes with the gadget. The service is synchronized with the Moscow Parking mobile application, where you can track the history of parking sessions. If the driver decides to rearrange the device to another vehicle, he will be able to change the car number in his personal account.

It is planned that in the future the Smart Parking functionality will expand; in addition to paying for parking, the client will have access to the Autoconcierge service. With this service, you can be ready for any situation on the road: get expert advice, ask for a petrol ride, change a wheel or call a free tow truck in case of a breakdown.

“We offer a fundamentally new way of paying for parking. Just a few minutes to set up the device – and car enthusiasts will no longer have to worry about it. Tele2 know that it is convenient to pay for services from a mobile phone account. They are increasingly using it to pay for parking, recharge public transport maps, purchase online games on mobile apps, content on streaming services, insurance and online consultations. “Smart Parking” is a new step in the development of this direction. There are many successful examples in the world of adapting smart assistants for different scenarios of use in an urban environment. Tele2 as a high-tech company supports this trend. By launching a parking assistant based on advanced technologies, we are responding to the request of our audience, who is waiting for non-standard solutions from Tele2. I am sure that the capital’s motorists will appreciate the convenience of the new smart gadget, “said Illarion Yalovenko, director of the financial services department at Tele2.

The dimensions of the device are 145x85x24mm, weight – 200 grams, battery capacity – 3400 mAh. “Smart Parking” is charged from the cigarette lighter using a cable, the battery life is up to 6 hours. You can place the device in the car in any convenient place, but you should make sure that it is connected to a mobile network (this will be indicated by a color indicator). SIM– the card is preinstalled in the device. Comes with a power cord.


Karice Dabule

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