Olga Vetokhina appointed President of ABB Russia

As part of the global transformation of ABB, aimed at simplifying the organizational structure and transferring authority to business units, the role of the head of ABB in Russia has been changed.

The President of ABB in Russia (Country Holding Officer) is responsible for the general management of the company in the country and for financial control. Olga Vetokhina has taken this position since April 1, 2021. In her new role, Olga will focus on fulfilling fiduciary duties, representative functions and overseeing the financial activities of the company and its subsidiaries in Russia.

Irina Kozlova, who served as President of ABB Russia, left the company and will continue her career outside of it.

Dossier “Digital Economy”

Olga Vetokhina graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with a degree in Accounting, Analysis and Audit. She has extensive experience in the financial sector. Prior to ABB, Olga worked in finance positions at Wrigley and JTI. She joined the ABB team in 2009 and has held various positions, including Treasurer in the East European Cluster and CEO in the Republic of Belarus.


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