“NFT has more disadvantages than advantages”, – artist Olga Ozerskaya

An international online forum will be held on July 29 and 30, 2021 ReForum WINNING THE HEARTS… For the ninth time, the Future Trends Forum will bring together representatives of creative industries, leading scientists, entrepreneurs and progressive top managers who have an idea of ​​what the world will be like in the future.

Within the framework of the forum, young and successful digital artists will show their works on the topic “I am creating the future”, and will also tell you what they think about the changes that await each of us in the very near future.

The works of the artists will be sold live through the official account on the NFT platform of the Disartive digital art exhibition and fair. On the eve of the forum, the BeInCrypto editors discussed the NFT industry in Russia with Olga Ozerskaya, multidisciplinary artist, participant of international art fairs

About the hype around NFT

In 2020, the world saw incredible growth in sales on NFT platforms. This trend was picked up by Christie’s and other major auctions. Collectors with millions of dollars came to the market. NFT has grown by one and a half times in three months precisely due to digital art.

“I think NFT is a new art form that has been formed recently to stay with us forever. NFT adds new milestones to the formation and transformation of art, ”says Olga Ozerskaya.

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About the pros and cons of NFT

Pros of NFT are fast and affordable sales tools, it is an affordable option for monetizing work for digital artists. There are a little more minuses than pluses. And they are primarily due to the fact that the blast wave and growth did not give platform creators the opportunity to organize work as conveniently as possible for all participants.

“In my opinion, platforms need to be divided into genres and directions. Either within the framework of one platform, or each needs to work with one, maximum two or three genres. Then the artists will immediately understand on which platform they have the potential for placement and monetization. And it will be easier for collectors to find what they are looking for, ”explains the artist.

Probably, in the near future, there will be some kind of “guides” that will help collectors and those who simply want to join the NFT to navigate in the variety and technical aspects of use. Now this is not the case. And this is an absolute minus. Another minus is the lack of standardization. Now, for placement on each site, adaptation of the work is needed, and adaptation into digital is, in fact, the creation of a new art.

About trends in digital art

It is necessary to monitor and analyze the market. Listen to international trend forecasters and experts. See the history of the works, where these works were exhibited, who curated the exhibition, who collects and follows the artist. An important point is personal perception whether the work resonates with the potential owner. And whether it will bring aesthetic pleasure, despite its material value in the long term.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the global digital art market. Follow trends and ongoing exhibitions in “places of power”. Now there are many sites, you need to look at what suits you specifically and for what purposes. Where is it better to buy, where is more transparent information about the work, high-quality content, the level of reputation in the market.

Where NFT technologies will be used in the future, we told here.


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Karice Dabule

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