Money from the sale of crypto-dogs will go to rescue pit bulls

The Pixel Dog Collection will be auctioned on the Opensea platform, with all proceeds donated to charity.

Twenty Crypto Dogs To Be Sold At Auction

Contemporary artists working in tandem Otis & Woods have released an author’s collection of crypto dogs in the format of NFT tokens. More than 20 tokens will be offered for sale on the Opensea site, and the funds raised will be donated to charity. In total, within the framework of this collection, 520 NFT tokens will be issued, which will subsequently also be put up for sale.

“Since the first co-author of the Otis & Woods NFT Art Collection will be Louvelli, who shares Weizmann and Fugit’s love of animals, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the New York Bully Crew, a non-profit organization that specializes in pit bull rescue.” said in the release.

Prices for NFT tokens start at 0.05 ETH and will rise during the auction. OpenSea spokesman Hamish Barnes noted:

“We are constantly looking for unique partnerships such as Otis & Woods / Swarm Digital Marketing as they help grow the NFT market and attract new artists and collectors to the space.”

Otis & Woods Collectible Characters

NFT market is falling, but brands are not afraid of it

At the end of March, the NFT market began to plummet. According to, which monitors the state of the market for non-fungible tokens (NFT), their average value peaked in February at $ 1,400, which has since dropped by 70%. Sales in March also fell sharply compared to February.

However, brands continue to issue their own NFT tokens. A group of luxury brands, including Gucci, may soon enter the non-fungible token (NFT) market. This is reported by Vogue Business, citing sources close to the brands.

American entertainment magazine Playboy announced the launch of an online art gallery in the form of non-fungible tokens. The magazine’s partner is the Nifty Gateway platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. It will feature an extensive collection of art and photographs from over 70 years.

Recall that the famous rapper Snoop Dogg announced the release of his own NFT collection.


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