Ledger and Shopify filed class action lawsuit over data breach

Law firm Roche Freedman has filed a class action lawsuit in San Francisco court against hardware wallet maker Ledger and Shopify over a summer 2020 data breach. Reported by The Block.

According to the publication, the firm is known for complaints against Binance, Tron and iFinex, the parent company of Tether and Bitfinex. Roche Freedman also represents the client of the cryptocurrency loan provider Nexo.

“We have been investigating since the information about the leak appeared. [данных пользователей Ledger], including communicating with experts in cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies, “- said in Roche Freedman.

According to lawyers, Ledger, as part of its obligations to customers, had to make sure that the Shopify service was safe. Companies will have to explain why they delayed alerting users to the problem. The company estimates the damage at more than $ 5 million.

Ledger’s general counsel Antoine Thibault said the manufacturer “does not comment on current legal issues.”

“However, Ledger would like to remind our customers once again that they should never reveal a 24-word phrase and verify the identity of the recipient of a transaction. You have sole and complete control over access to your funds, ”Thibault added.

As a reminder, the data leak of a million Ledger users occurred on June 25, 2020. An unknown party gained access to the email addresses, names, phone numbers of users.

At the end of October, a user under the nickname Polaris posted the database on the exploit.in hacker forum. User hyperdrill bought data for 5 BTC.

On December 21, the data of users of Ledger hardware wallets was made publicly available through the Raidforums forum, where anyone could download them.

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