Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin network is a landmark for the Internet, Trump’s ban is a dangerous precedent

Jack Dorsey in a series of tweets explained how difficult the decision to temporarily block the account of US President Donald Trump turned out to be. The CEO of Twitter recalled the desire of the social network he heads for a decentralized future, similar to Bitcoin, where such a problem could not arise in principle.

Last week, Twitter, along with other social platforms, decided to ban Trump’s accounts after a series of controversial posts. One of them was the statement by the current head of the White House that his supporters went to storm the Capitol, because his election victory was “stolen” from him.

Dorsey is confident that the decision was correct, since Trump’s actions threatened public safety. At the same time, he acknowledged that the lockdown set a dangerous precedent and could have “real and significant consequences.” He believes that in this case, companies are essentially like the government.

“We all need to take a critical look at the inconsistencies in our policies and enforcement. Yes, we need to identify what on our platform can stimulate discord and harm. Yes, we need more transparency in our moderation operations, ”he explained.

Dorsey explained that he does not want Twitter’s unilateral action to “destroy the free and open global Internet.” He suggested that the Bitcoin decentralization model is the best way to move closer to internet control and restraint in the future.

“The first cryptocurrency demonstrates what the Internet wants to be, and over time it will become like it. My passion for bitcoin is rooted in its nature. Its underlying technology is not controlled or influenced by any individual or organization, ”he explained.

The Twitter chief concluded by reminding him that Twitter is funding the development of an open, decentralized social media standard called @bluesky.

Recall that in November, Dorsey was among the sponsors of a new fund for bitcoin developers.

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