Increase the blockchain workforce at JPMorgan

Investment bank JPMorgan is expanding its cryptocurrency and blockchain division to develop projects based on Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as PoS blockchains.

The bank’s website contains 84 vacancies for developers with experience in blockchain. They are looking for both development engineers and SRE specialists and project managers in this area. There are vacancies for marketers and auditors. However, most of the vacancies have been posted in recent days.

The bank offers work not only in the USA, but also in Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Great Britain and several other countries. However, most of all people are required in the USA. They will work at the bank’s digital currency division Onyx, as well as JPMorgan’s own blockchain called Liink.

Earlier this month, the bank’s analysts reported that Ethereum’s transition to the Proof-of-Stake consensus will increase staking revenues to $ 40 billion by 2025. The transition to PoS will attract new funds to the Ethereum ecosystem, as it is a fairly reliable investment, especially against the background of the current zero rates on traditional investments.

Recall that JPMorgan is testing a payment solution on the blockchain.

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Karice Dabule

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