How many bitcoins have Ukrainian deputies declared

Ukrainian officials and deputies declared 46,351 bitcoins in their declarations over the past year. As of April 5, this is about UAH 75 billion, according to the data of Opendatabot.

The presence of bitcoins in their declarations was reported by 652 officials. In total, 791,872 officials submitted their declarations.

The most active cryptocurrencies were declared by representatives of city councils, the Ministry of Defense and the National Police. So, most of all cryptocurrencies were declared by the deputy of the Dnieper City Council Vyacheslav Mishalov – 18,000 bitcoins (more than $ 1 billion in equivalent).

In second place was the First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Petr Lensky, who, together with his wife Svetlana Lenskaya, declared 6,528 bitcoins.

On the third and fourth – the deputy of the Odessa Regional Council and the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander and Anatoly Urbansky. They have declared 5328 and 4256 bitcoins, respectively, and have been in the top of the rating for the third year already.

It is noted that since 2016, the number of officials who have declared cryptocurrencies has grown 26 times. If then only 25 officials indicated cryptocurrencies in their declarations, by the end of the past year their number increased to 652.

The Opendatabot stressed that cryptocurrencies in Ukraine do not have any legal status and it is impossible to investigate their origin.

“In theory, you can declare any amount in bitcoins without giving any evidence of their actual existence. This increases the risk of financial abuse. For example, the declared bitcoins can be used in the future to explain illegal income, ”the Opendatabot noted.

Recall that the son of a Ukrainian deputy has declared 185,000 Monero tokens.

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